Real Estate

With the opening up of flood gates for foreign direct investment in Costa Rica, the government also permits individuals, private companies (both local and foreign) to own land and property in the country. With very few restrictions like physical occupancy and a 50 meter perimeter limit from the beach for oceanfront properties, Costa Rican government is not only using the globalization process wisely but also to its greatest benefit.

Buying and Selling

Although before thinking of buying or owning a property in Costa Rica, certain procedures need to be adhered to. Firstly, the owner to be accompanied by their lawyers need to visit the National Registry for a title search. This needs to be followed up by a visit to the Ministry of the Environment and Energy to apply for an environmental study to find out the impact. Although visits to other ministries and departments are not ruled for required information, the local municipality would be a must to get to know the zoning laws and acquire building permits.

The whole procedure for paperwork is a little complicated and best accomplished while accompanied by a lawyer. The process would also take some time to complete and it can be accelerated by taking help from known real estate agents in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica has gained a lot of ground over the past few years in becoming an attractive destination for investment, vacations and retirement. While tourism encompasses the rich paradisiacal beaches, excellent round-the-year weather and majestic mountains, the actual beauty of Costa Rica lies in its populace. Simple and culture rich, the Costa Ricans are fervently attached to their country and democracy. Added to these are the economic sops which have sent Costa Rican real estate booming.

The capital San Jose would be the best place to start. It is relatively easier to find many real estate agents here who could highlight the importance of owning property both as a investment as well as a dwelling. Be it for investment, retirement or for the purpose to establishing an office, Costa Rican real estate agents have their databases ready with ideal locations.

While moving to Costa Rica, conducting business in the country or just living there requires ample research and adjustments, the first step of selecting your real estate agency could be the most important one. The agency would be opening doors for you in Costa Rica which were hitherto unknown.

Each step of acquiring a property in Costa Rica is important and it is doubly important that your real estate agent knows his job well. With Costa Rica becoming a hot destination in Latin America, the real estate prices keep going up by the day. The opportunity to invest is ripe today but not seems so rosy once the prices hit the top. Investing today in Costa Rica would bring in, probably better profits than your business in a more competitive country.

With real estate becoming more and more sought after in San Jose areas of Sabana, Montes de Oca, Sabanilla and many more, the best properties are up for the taking. Central Valley provinces like Heredia, Alajuela are also getting very popular.

While our expertise in Costa Rica, its customs, procedures and real estate will help you in every conceivable way, the decision to move or invest is solely yours. We can facilitate almost every need in real estate that you may have in the country of Costa Rica. Our experienced team and our principles of understanding needs before offering viable solutions would place you at a great advantage while dealing with real estate in Costa Rica.

From being information providers to sit on the negotiating table on your side, we provide turnkey real estate service sin every nook and corner of Costa Rica. Dealing with us, you would be dealing with the best.