Our Costa Rica Investment Center

Over the last few years Costa Rica has emerged as the most attractive and safest destination for foreign investment and not by chance. The tax laws and financial security issues are governed by a consistent and pro-US stance taken up by the financial institutions and the Costa Rican government itself.

The Costa Rican government and the powers to be advocate free trade across continents very vocally. Costa Rica already has free trade ties with many countries in Latin America including Mexico. With the development of many infrastructure rich free zones and a plethora of tax holiday opportunities, Cost Rica has literally opened up the investment options for many companies across the world. The enticing flavor of tax free economic zones is a very big motivator for these companies and a lot of big companies like Intel, Acer and Western Union have made substantial investment sin the country showing and paving path for others.

The free economic zones, apart from being rich in infrastructure, they also benefit big company investments by offering exemption on import duties for raw material, part and components, capital goods and also facilitate tax exemption on profits for a minimum of eight years followed by a 50% tax exemption for another four years. The profits thus made can be repatriated without any restrictions.

Costa Rica has also grown to become a internet hub in Latin America with cutting edge and sophisticated access methods available. Secure Hosting Service is an age old company providing internet services across Costa Rica and, Secure Hosting Service facilitates easy communication and internet access.

This is helping the export trade in Costa Rica to boom especially in areas of hi-tech overtaking the traditional exports of coffee and bananas. While the agricultural exports continue to grow in figures, the hi-tech figures have already over taken them and growing at a far better rate.

Costa Rica has a lot of resources that can help you to get information on the fly. While the Costa Rica Investment and Development Board (CINDE) has been officially named the promoter and asked to play an advisory role to foreign investors, being a private organization, the CINDE provides up-to-date and complete information on the business environment and economic situation of Costa Rica. As a promoter, the CINDE also has an office in New York and provides customized services to businesses interested in investing in Costa Rica. The Costa Rican exports chamber or CADEXCO helps in providing export procedure and requirement information to public and private companies and small entrepreneurs. It also provides information on the present trade barriers and helps market products outside Costa Rica. It also provides much needed information on export contracting, credit lines and international pricing. The foreign trade promotion institute (PROCOMER) is an internal organization that offers consultancy services on export regulations and helps with obtaining relevant export permits and market information.

A new study undertaken by COMEX (Ministry of Foreign Trade) projected Costa Rica's exports to touch $21.7 billion by 2007. This is far been overtaken, growing by about 400% in 7 years. Intel alone exported more than $5 billion worth of products from Costa Rica in 2005. This represents the investment opportunity in Costa Rica…!

While Cost Rica looks forward to cement its place in the world trade economy, there is no reason why a company should lag behind, especially when it offers such excellent infrastructure and facilities trusted and used by the giants of the industry.

The easiest and the best possible method to find out more about the investment opportunities in Costa Rica is to travel there and feel the economic and business climate in first person. However, as a busy person, it is not possible for all to do so, in which case, we are here to help. You could get in touch with us at our toll free number at 1-800-378-7542 or just drop an email to lawyer@costaricainvestment.com