A corporation, in most countries is generally understood to be a “person” with a limited liability. The law also lends credence to the definition and treats a corporation as such. A corporation normally has the open option to sell shares and could exist perpetually with the right to sue and be sued. However, since you are here, we understand that you are a business that is interested to invest in Costa Rica.

Corporation Benefits

Like any other country, Costa Rica also recognizes a corporation to be a separate entity. If you want to invest in Costa Rica by the presence of a corporation here, you would be forming an offshore corporation. An offshore corporation in Costa Rica may be used to own and operate businesses, raise capital through issuance of shares and bonds, buy and sell products and services, hire work force, guarantee obligations, rent offices and facilities, sign contracts and can also have retirement options for employees. It is however seen that many offshore corporations are privately held but many are also traded publicly on major bourses.

Forming a corporation in Costa Rica is relatively simple. We are here to help in every step of the way by earmarking space, doing the paperwork, getting company secretaries and employing representative directors for you. From the plan to the production line, we are experienced and thorough with every step of the process and do it ourselves without outsourcing. As a single window solution to all your corporate needs, we are indispensable by way of facilitating business for you.

With qualified manpower and professional management, we are well equipped to handle all your business needs while incorporation or even while conducting business in the country of Costa Rica. With more focus on relationship building, we are of a vision that a relationship goes a long way in achieving symbiotic goals instead of myopic focus that most establishments have today.

With an unparalleled experience in documenting all paperwork right from the Articles of Incorporation to securing all licenses for facilitating production. Our services encompass the whole gamut of legal services, real estate services and interface services that enable a corporation to interact with almost all relevant government departments of Costa Rica making the formation of your corporation a smooth and an enjoyable experience.

With the formulation of by-laws, corporate search, issuance of bearer, reseller shares being a part of our services, we also have many off-shelf companies that you could choose from in case of time constraints. An off-shelf company is a company that is already formed and would facilitate immediate needs of a corporate interested to operate in Costa Rica but does not have the time to incorporate a new company. The waiting time is saved to take advantage of immediate business advantages.

We also act as registered agents for a lot of corporations incorporate din Costa Rica. This is a requirement because a registered agent ensures that the corporation is represented by an assigned legal representative at a valid address in order to receive all legal notices (service of process) on behalf of the corporation. The registered agent subsequently forwards the same to the corporation at its address on records.

We also represent many corporations as nominee directors. We offer this service as inclusive with out off-shelf corporations and as a separate service too. A nominee director is normally needed to look after day to day business by being in close touch with the actual directors who may be residing in other countries.

This bouquet of turnkey corporation services that we offer is open to all corporations that are interested to do business in Costa Rica to take advantage of taxation and other benefits offered by the government.