At, a turnkey offshore corporation services providing company, we believe that in light of services we offer, our qualified legal staff play a critical role in your success. Our specialized services lie in providing a complete bouquet of legal services to our offshore clients. In keeping with the demands of the day, we have thus put together a formidable team of legal eagles who deal with all facets of Costa Rican law on a daily basis.

Legal Services

This step has made sure that our clientele, old and new, get to the top of the line legal services at any point of time irrespective of their variety of needs. Our state of the art legal services have been used by existing and new corporate houses in the past few years to achieve excellent results for them.

With many a global investment solutions at our disposal and with lots of relevant information to offer, our legal services are rated to be one of the nest in the country of Costa Rica. With Corporate, Shelf Companies, Investment solutions, Relocation and real estate services in addition to our legal services, we are fully geared to serve the global investment community through a single window.

While taking pride in our capabilities and earning the trust of our clientele strewn across the globe, we have formed and nurtured a host of relationship with many big corporate houses of all sizes and domains resulting in amassing a wide variety of experience at all our provision levels of competence.

Finding a good legal eagle in Costa Rica can be a difficult task. Provided you find one, it is very difficult to assess or communicate with the concept of your own country’s legal system in relation to the existing legal system of Costa Rica. The exposure of most of the lawyers in Costa Rica is limited to the country’s existing law and they would need a lot of exposure and training before they can actually study international law specific to your country and advise by comparison.

In a stark contrast to this catch 22 situation, our legal eagles are already trained to do the needful with little or no help due to their training as well as experience they have gained by being with us and our old clientele.

In either case of doing business in Costa Rica or living in the country, it is highly likely that you would need to deal with the Costa Rican legal system to attain your objectives. Forming a corporation or getting permits involves filling up many forms and acquiring permits while representing you in a court of Costa Rica is more complicated. Either way, we have the experience and means to give you all legal help that you may need at any point of time.

With a range of services from real estate transactions, marriage and divorce, immigration, corporations, commercial transactions, environmental laws, powers of attorney, copyright, worker’s compensation, trademarks, automobile regulations, social security, taxation, labor legislation and many more facets of law we a rein the bets position to deliver when you need us most.